Pregnant Woman Hijacks Repo Truck and takes Police on a Chase with her Car in Tow

Massillon, OH – October 2, 2012 – A pregnant Ohio woman faces felony charges after police allege that she stole a repo truck with her repossessed SUV attached to it and led them on a wild chase.

Ed Meadows of Skipco reported that he had had hooked up a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer to his tow truck and was putting wheel dollies on it when pregnant 21 year old Sophia Davidson jumped into his truck cab and sped away with her all wheel drive in tow.

Davidson reportedly ground the tires off of the rims which ate into the asphalt as police caught up to her and a seven car chase began.

Police report that the chase reached speeds of up to 65 MPH and ended when she crashed the tow truck into a vacant house.

Upon approaching the wrecked tow truck, Davidson resisted officers and wouldn’t get out of the truck forcing officers to break a window, drah her out and wrestle her to the ground.

Davidson faces felony charges including theft. Her lawyer told the judge at a Monday court hearing that she is eight months pregnant. Her bail was set at $25,000.

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5 thoughts on “Pregnant Woman Hijacks Repo Truck and takes Police on a Chase with her Car in Tow

  1. How do you afford to pay two repossession ajusters with the peanuts the lenders and forwarders are willing to pay?

  2. sounds lick she has been watching to many repo shows on TV ( Lizard Lick ) This is why we always have 2 on our trucks one is always looking out for the other

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