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At the recent joint ALLIED and RSIG convention in Fort Lauderdale the board members of FLACARS had the opportunity to sit down with both Keith Baggett, Vice President of Vendor relations and also with Chris Oskiera Vice President of Operations and Services and we had a very open and honest discussion regarding the new Primeritus Contract that was recently sent out to all agents.

Specifically we discussed the questions presented in the FLACARS SURVEY and the results of not only this survey but also the poll taken on the website.

We are happy to say that they have agreed to completly remove section 3.0 which had to do with Right of Entry to your yard.

They have also agreed to review and address ALL of the concerns presented within the survey.

We also talked about fees and why they are so low. The response we got was that because they (forwarders) are responding to RFP’s issued by the lenders themselves.

It could be the lenders who are actually forcing this decline in pricing, using the forwarders to cut their own costs and yes we get the short end of the stick.

Both Keith and Chris agreed to take a closer look at operating costs across the different geographical regions of the country to see if there is any room for enhancement. They do understand that the cost of business is not the same in Los Angeles or New York or in a small town in Virginia.

Both Keith and Chris will be at NARS this weekend.
I urge you to introduce yourselves to them, be polite, and share with them your concerns.

We asked the question to Chris point blank, can we expect to see a new revised contract and he said YES but not for a couple of weeks after NARS.

Communication guys…now is the right time to make a positive change.!

Ed Wolmers

Miami Director, FLACARS


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  1. Dear Anonymous, they sold it because it is a loser! Why lose money when you can get a bunch of morons to work for you for free. I am sorry but it needs to be said. At least now they want a better class of moron to work for free. I have heard that 60 percent of the available business is controlled by one forwarder or another. Let them work their own accounts until they start paying a reasonable recovery fee and investigations. They can’t do it without us. So why be a moron, be a business person instead. Start thinking about someone else for a change. Like your family of brother recovery agents who are starving to make ends meet and you are happy with a few bones.

  2. There are many issues to be addressed, first one that comes to my mind is why did they agree to the RFP from the lender? If they think the business can be run for such miserable low fees than why aren’t they out there running their own trucks, their own storage yards, paying for their own liability insurance, workman’s comp, fleet maintenance, payroll, accounting, utilities, security, training and certification and loss claims. Why don’t they invest in LPR cameras and all the extra expense that goes with them for the privilege of getting a reduced repo fee. I’ll tell you why, because it can’t be done for the chump change they offer. If they want to show support for the industry then they should step up and tell their clients that they need to compensate fairly. Send the RFP back and say it is unacceptable. This nonsense about capping storage and not charging a personal property fee is just ridiculous. Let’s not forget that now they want us to clean out the cars for nothing too. Let’s just dump all these little fees on the repo man, he’s disposable, when he burns out there’s another one right behind him waiting to chomp at the bit…

  3. Ed, you, Jamie and the folks at FLACARS are doing a great job. Thanks and we’ll try to carry the ball further this week at NARS. I’ve heard nothing but good things about your combined convention with TFA at the Florida Tow Show. I’m looking forward to having more conversation about what’s possible for next year…

    Art Christensen

  4. Yes we did talk about the fees.
    We went over the 16 questions that were asked on the FLACARS survey.
    We agreed to continue the conversation after NARS. They will be there so now everyone should approach them and share their thought, politely of course.

  5. Did you brave souls address the rest of the contract, you know the part where you work for free and for way less than acceptable fees. What do I give a rats butt about them coming into my yard? I would think that a non-contingent contract with reasonable fees would have been my first concern. Keep that communication up there boys, after all with what they pay you might be right, I wouldn’t want them at my house either.

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