Recovery Database Network Introduces Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center

RDN Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center

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 Provides lenders with asset recovery performance data and compliance monitoring


Redwood City, CA – Continuing its leadership assisting automotive lenders with the efficient management and automation of asset recovery, Recovery Database Network (RDN) today introduced its Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center.

The Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center provides lenders a visually dynamic way to easily assess key recovery performance data and monitor recovery vendor compliance with performance standards. Integrated into RDN’s recovery management software and available to subscribers at no additional cost, the dashboard is comprehensive and fully customizable, so lenders can select the metrics displayed.

“We understand that each lender has a unique set of business requirements,” said Todd Hodnett, president and CEO of RDN. “Our development team designed the Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center for easy configuration allowing each institution to track the specific analytics that best suits their needs.”

“Compliance measurement and monitoring is a critical issue for automotive lenders,” added Zach Hallowell, COO of RDN. “We recognize that financial institutions want the ability to ensure that recovery processes are consistent with their approved business practices and legal obligations. We’re pleased to offer the Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center as a solution. It’s another example of the value RDN provides to our lender-clients.”

RDN clients wishing to implement the Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center can login at . A step-by-step tutorial is available upon login.

For more information about RDN’s Compliance Dashboard and Automation Center, please contact RDN at 817-204-0298, select option #2.


rdnAbout RDN

RDN is a provider of software and data solutions related to the recovery of assets for the automotive finance industry and is a subsidiary of OPENLANE, Inc. OPENLANE is a leading provider of online automotive auction platforms and is a subsidiary of KAR Auction Services, Inc.


For more information about RDN and their services, call 817-204-0298, select option #2. 

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