Recovery Industry Website Re-Brands Itself as The Collateral Recovery Industry Resource

CRIRPress Release

PHILADELPHIA (June 13, 2013) — To reflect its new, expanded mission as a primary information source for the repossession industry , the Collateral Recovery Industry Reporter has announced plans to re-brand itself as the Collateral Recovery Industry Resource (CRIR).

The move demonstrates the site’s new goals of offering a comprehensive directory that will increase the transparency within the recovery industry. The site will still continue to publish original and exclusive news articles, but that will be just one component of the new site, which is set to launch on Labor Day.

“CRIR’s mission is to be a repossessor resource,” said Chetan Bagga, the site’s owner and Managing Director. “We feel it is very important to make sure that objective is front-and-center when industry professionals come to our site. will be a one-of-a-kind experience for the repossession industry.” will offer a suite of free products and services to the repossession industry, including exclusive news and information and a robust industry directory that will help agents stand out among their peers. As part of the re-branding, the site is undergoing a comprehensive overhaul that will make it much easier to use, increasing its utility and value to repossession agents. The objective is to turn the site into a place where agents can stay updated and informed about industry trends and events, can network with one another and their clients, and can promote their products and services. All for free.

“We’re building a platform for the repossession industry that will allow agents to make more money and operate more efficiently,” Bagga said. “ will allow agents to promote their companies to potential clients, to communicate with their peers, and to learn about the important topics shaping and impacting the industry. Our goal is to offer a site that separates good agents from those few whose work is marginalizing the industry.”

Those interested in learning more about the new CRIR should email

ABOUT THE COLLATERAL RECOVERY INDUSTRY RESOURCE is the primary information source for repossession agents, financial institutions engaged in auto lending, and third-party service providers to the recovery sector. The site publishes original news articles and maintains a robust directory of recovery agents, financial institutions, and service providers in order to increase market transparency and spotlight good business practices. The goal of CRIR is to increase industry accountability by acting as a centralized resource of independent, unbiased information. More information is available at

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