Remembering Back When – Repossessing in the 60’s

….A long, long time ago

Guest Editorial

In looking at our industry as it is today I began to compare it to what it was like some 50 years ago.  The changes are huge and so I thought maybe it might be interesting to reminisce by putting those changes in an article.  Some of the “old timers” (I mean really, really old timers) will relate to those times and those who were not there back then may enjoy reading about them.  This article is all factual and is based completely from my personal experiences when I came into the industry in the 1960’s.

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1 thought on “Remembering Back When – Repossessing in the 60’s

  1. Joe I could listen to your stories all day. The knowledge and wisdom you have in your little finger people will never have in their entire body. You are the most respected and yes loved man in this Industry. Especially by me. I would love to hear about the 70’s so keep the stories coming.
    Much love,
    Mary Jane Hogan

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