Repo Bomb Scare

mo_bomb_scareRogersville, MO – July 30, 2014 – When the borrowers of delinquent vehicle moved out a month earlier, they left behind an unexpected item for the Repo Man next to their abandoned vehicle.

A military style explosive was found at the residence on Charity Drive in Greene County. Neighbors said the people who used to live in the house have been gone for about a month, but left behind a vehicle. When the Repo crew showed up to repossess the vehicle, they found a bomb next to the vehicle.

Fort Leonard Wood Army Base sent in a bomb squad, which arrived before 7 p.m. on Tuesday. Officials determined it was a dud, and hauled it to the army post. Officers evacuated residents in the immediate area as a precaution.

Law enforcement searched the abandoned home. No other devices were found. Officials with the Greene County Sheriff told KSPR that the couple will likely not face charges since it was a non-explosive device.

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