Repo Leads to Gunfire on GA Overpass

Newnan Georgia- March 15, 2012 – A repo, a chase, a gunshot and a lot of finger pointing.

Police officers received multiple calls from 9-1-1 around 6:30 p.m. regarding four men fighting in the middle of the road on and that a gun had been fired.

According to Police reports, Repo Men Terry Grady Sullivan Jr. and William Daniel Phillips Jr. repossessed a truck from the residence of 15 Randall Thomas Belcher and his son, Jeremy Roy Tucker.

Repo Man Sullivan told police that after he and Phillips repossessed the vehicle Belcher and Tucker followed them, got out of their vehicle and then attacked them with “their hands and fists.”

According to the report, at that point, Sullivan claimed, he used pepper spray to defend himself.

“William Daniel Phillips Jr. stated that after Sullivan had used his pepper spray, he still felt threatened and he drew his firearm and in an attempt to defuse the situation, he fired a shot into the air,”

Phillips also admitted to officers that he used a knife to deflate a tire on Belcher’s vehicle “because he feared that he would be run over.”

The other side, the story is quite different,  Belcher claims that he and Tucker were at home when they saw Sullivan and Phillips take a Ford truck from their yard.

Officers wrote in their report, “Belcher stated that he and his son believed the truck had been stolen and followed the truck until they could get it stopped,”

Belcher alleges that Sullivan used pepper spray on both he and his son, and that Tucker (his son) and Sullivan then got into a fight.

In the report Belcher then alleges that Phillips got out of the truck “and pointed a gun at his head twice; one before discharging a round and then a second time before police arrived on the scene.”

With everyone involved in handcuffs at one point or the other, Phillips was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and discharging a firearm in city limits.

Police did not report who ended up with the truck that started the incident.

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