Repo Man Ambushed by Borrower

handcuffs1Jefferson, OH – March 26, 2013 – Just after 2 a.m., crouched in the bushes outside his home, a 43-year old man sat in ambush armed with a pipe waiting for the unsuspecting Repo Man.

Luckily, it was the tow truck that took the brunt of the damage as the angry man reigned down upon it with a multitude of vicious blows that showered the surprised repo man with broken glass and nearly struck him.

According to the unnamed assailant, he had merely caught a man trespassing on his property.

But the also unnamed Repo Man, had a different story.

He claimed to the responding deputies that he had contacted the suspect earlier that evening, advising him of his intent to repossess his vehicle and that the suspect knew he was coming.

Shortly after, the Repo Man pulled into the suspect’s driveway. The suspect, apparently awaiting his arrival, jumped out from a hiding spot and began swinging a pipe at the vehicle, damaging windows, the hood, door and fender. The victim was not struck by the pipe, but told deputies there were some near-misses.

When deputies advised the suspect of the repo man’s version of events, he admitted inviting the victim to the property, deputies said.

The suspect now faces numerous charges including felonious assault.

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