Repo Man Beat with Flashlight

flshlightCartersville, GA – June 20, 2014 – Two people were arrested last week for allegedly assaulting a Repo Man who was attempting to repossess a vehicle last week.

Clarence Edward Floyd, 43, and Temariel Patrice Luckett, 24, of Cartersville, were booked into the Bartow County Jail just after midnight on June 12 and both face one count of aggravated assault from the incident.

According to the Bartow County Sheriff’s Office, the alleged victim reported that he was attempting to repossess Luckett’s vehicle late in the evening on June 11 when the assault started.

The unnamed Repo Man told Luckett that she could get her property out of the vehicle, but she started “making a scene.” The Repo Man then told deputies he pulled the car into the road so he could strap the vehicle onto his recovery truck.

As he began strapping the vehicle onto his truck, Floyd allegedly grabbed a flashlight from the tow truck and began hitting him in the head. The victim told deputies that Luckett also took possession of the flashlight and also started hitting him with it.

“[The victim] said they both beat him for several minutes until he was able to escape and run [away] down the road and call 911 for help,” according to the report.

Floyd claimed to deputies that he was inside when Luckett came and told him “her car was being repo’d and that the driver almost hit her son with the car.”

Floyd claimed to the deputy that he never attacked the victim, but never clarified what happened, the report states.

Luckett claimed to deputies that she was “attempting to get her property from her vehicle when the Repo Man took off, almost hitting her and her son.” Luckett said she went to retrieve Floyd, and they both confronted the driver.

The woman told the deputy the man repossessing her vehicle jumped out his truck with a Taser. An argument ensued and the driver “started running down the road.”

Luckett reiterated that she never touched him, but “would never tell me what actually happened,” the deputy wrote in the report.

However, a witness at the scene told the responding deputy he saw the driver pull up alongside the road and get out of his vehicle.

The witness said he saw both Luckett and Floyd go “towards the driver and…heard what seemed to be a “scuffle” but couldn’t see because of his location.”

Both Luckett and Floyd have since bonded out of jail.

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