Repo Man Punched as Borrower Surrenders Vehicle

Downers Grove, IL – June 1, 2012 – Just because the borrower gives you the keys and lets you get inside to leave with the car doesn’t mean it’s safe to let your guard down.

After several unsuccessful attempts to repossess 40 year old Michael Richardson’s car, an unidentified Repo Man tracked him down in a parking lot by GPS.

Confronted by the Repossessor, Richardson a resident of Hammond, IN, got out of the car and told the Repo Man to go ahead and take the keys. When the Repo Man got into the car’s driver seat, Richardson punched him in the head approximately three times through the open window, according to police.

Police ran Richardson’s name through LEADS and found a warrant for his arrest in Westmont, so after DGPD charged him with one count of battery he was transported to the Westmont Police Department to be booked for the warrant.

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