Repo Man Recovering from Gun Shot Wound to the Abdomen

cdy_leeShot Repo Man is Son of “Eagle” Lee McDaniel

Moreno Valley, CA – 13 September 2016 – A man who was shot while repossessing a vehicle in Moreno Valley on Aug. 30 said he expected to leave the hospital Tuesday, and a person who was arrested minutes after the incident has pleaded not guilty to charges that include attempted murder.

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1 thought on “Repo Man Recovering from Gun Shot Wound to the Abdomen

  1. Glad the agent is doing better and we pray he has a full and speedy recovery! I hope the Judge takes this case very seriously and charges the criminal and holds him 100% accountable and punishes him to the MAX!!! The world is going crazy with all this violence in the recovery industry and within the streets. It appears the police think we are all a bunch of criminals out there when in fact, our job has a direct impact on the economy and the well being of this country! It is long past time that law enforcement start looking us as professionals taking a risk just as they do daily in the field. There is really no difference in my opinion. We are going into an enviroment we are NOT familiar with and do not know what to expect while holding others accountable for not abiding by the the promises and stipulations of their loan agreement. Law enforcement refuses to come to the scene until one of us is shot and that is simply to late!!!!

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