Repo Man Shoots Borrower

Bryan, TX – November 1, 2013 – According to Bryan police, a Repo Man driver with MARS Recovery service was repossessing a black Chevy truck on the 300 block of Ehlinger Drive when he was forced to defend himself after the borrower confronted him and physically assaulted him with his hands and a long wooden handle and reportedly rammed the truck several times.

The Repo Man, who has a concealed handgun license, pulled out a gun but the owner of the vehicle, Richard Pennington, continued to confront him. That’s when the driver shot the man multiple times.

“I was coming up at the stop sign and I seen a man get shot. I heard three bullet sounds and he fell to the ground,” said Karon Johnson, a witness to the shooting.

Police reported that the Repo Man was found providing aid to Pennington when officers arrived on the scene, Kilgore added.

The owner of the vehicle was taken to St. Joseph medical center for his gunshot wounds to his armpit and chest. He is in critical condition. The tow truck driver has minor injuries.

Police do not expect to charge the unnamed Repo Man and report that he has been fully cooperative.

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