Repo Man Shoots Family Dog – Accusations Ensue

Detroit, MI – 17 July 2017 – A repo man said when he pulled up to repossess a vehicle in Detroit, he had no choice to but to shoot a family’s dog that he says was ready to attack. But the owner of the dog says that’s not true – from the back of a police car.

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1 thought on “Repo Man Shoots Family Dog – Accusations Ensue

  1. 1) when you allow or order your dog to attack somebody that is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon….. with aggravated battery and or severe injury soon to follow

    2) a dog is only considered personal property under law and usually will only have to pay replacement cost of 200 – 300 dollars even if you are wrong in the death of the animal

    3) human life is more valuable than a dog’s life

    4) A Repoman has the legal right to use deadly force during an lawfull repossession on private property…… when the illegal attack happens so suddenly that the agent cannot reasonably retreat without injury.

    5) is is illegal to attack a repoman during a repossession …… you should always prosecute debtor’s who act viiolently

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