Repo Ninja Mobile App Update Includes Powerful New Features

repo_ninjaRepo Ninja™ mobile application version release includes full-featured Condition Report and Asset Recovery form



PHOENIX, AZ (September 5, 2013) – MBSi Capital, the developer of Repo Ninja™, the repossession industry’s first full-featured mobile application, is releasing an update to the app that includes two powerful new features.  The addition of a full-featured Condition Report to the app’s tablet version and a full-featured Asset Recovery form to the smartphone and tablet versions makes this release of Repo Ninja a must-have update for users. Other features such as Signature Capture, Voice to Text Updates and Photo Capture still compliment Repo Ninja’s full feature set for the smart phone application

The full-featured Condition Report allows users to complete a detailed condition report for a car, truck, van, or SUV, as well as take photos of the asset, all from the same tab creating seamless workflow The full-featured Asset Recovery form provides the ability to update an assignment’s status to “Recovered” directly from the user’s device away from their truck, ultimately reducing your days to recovery ratio and increasing your overall service level.

Both new feature updates are designed to speed up recovery workflow and reduce assignment lifecycle. Agents now have the opportunity to transition to a totally paperless workflow by bridging the gap between their workstation, trucks and assignment locations. These new features improve overall efficiency and ultimately increase recovery rates. Repo Ninja also helps protect companies from the liability of frivolous claims by allowing agents to immediately document prior damage to the asset during the recovery process using Repo Ninja’s Photo Capture function.

MBSi introduced Repo Ninja in May of 2013 with the goal of providing recovery professionals with a low-cost application that enables them to access their assignment data on their smartphone or tablet. This effort has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the repossession industry, largely because after each Repo Ninja release, MBSi’s Re-Pros+ Adviser Group provides valuable feedback that includes modification requests to better increase efficiency and workflow. This feedback has already resulted in several modifications to Repo Ninja, and with MBSi’s tireless efforts, more modifications are on the way.

“MBSi sees the importance of listening to our user community and implementing requested enhancements.  By proactively seeking their opinions and ideas, Repo Ninja has become a must-have tool for every repossession agent,” says MBSi President John Rhodes. “The release of the full-featured Condition Report and Asset Recovery form resulted directly from listening to our users and understanding their needs in the field.”

The Repo Ninja mobile application allows repossession companies to manage and update assignments remotely in real time. Currently available for Android, with the iOS version scheduled for release in late November 2013, the Repo Ninja app gives recovery agents secure, full-time, instant access to all of their assignment-related activity from their smartphone or tablet.

For more information on the Repo Ninja mobile application, please visit or call MBSi Capital at 602-864-7847.




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