Repo with a Forklift Goes Bad

car_on_frklftJefferson, OH – November 8, 2013 – According to police reports, an attempt to repossess a vehicle with a forklift wound up injuring one man when the owner discovered the plan and drove his SUV directly off the forklift’s arms.

After a few scary moments, when repo agents squared off with the angry owner and his pals, the issue was resolved amicably, deputies said.

The incident began around 8:30 p.m., when deputies were dispatched to Trailer Sales lot where, a repossession agent recognized a vehicle on his must-snag list at the business. He and a fellow agent were preparing to use a forklift to claim the vehicle and haul it away when the owner came out of a nearby house, deputies said. The owner climbed into the vehicle, started it, backed it off the machine’s forks and sped away, according to a report.

During the getaway, the vehicle’s side mirror struck one of the repo men, knocking him to the ground, deputies said. Firefighters and Ambulance technicians treated the man at the scene, according to a report.

Minutes later, as a deputy was interviewing the repo men, the owner returned to the scene in a truck accompanied by two friends. When the deputies asked about the vehicle, the owner said it was hidden and he wouldn’t reveal its whereabouts. The incident escalated when one of the man’s friends angrily joined the debate and became belligerent, deputies said.

Things calmed down when a deputy was able to separate the vocal man from the rest of the group and also threatened to arrest the owner. Eventually, the owner took the repo men to where the vehicle was hidden and told a deputy he would discuss his loan situation with his lender.


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