Requiring Lender’s Locksmiths Lot Access – Another Encroachment and Contradiction


So, you have a fence around your storage yard, perhaps some barbed wire on top and cameras recording everything going on. Why? Security of course. As an agency owner, it is crucial that you secure your business and the recovered collateral. So, why would you give a person you don’t know access to your yard and the vehicles stored on it?

Well, that’s the newest infringement on repossession agencies that is occurring now.

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2 thoughts on “Requiring Lender’s Locksmiths Lot Access – Another Encroachment and Contradiction

  1. I’m going to chime in here even though I do not have a dog in this hunt. Reason is I am semiretired, I grew tired of the demands and the clients that have attitudes when told NO. I get the usual ‘everybody does it’, well if everybody does it why don’t I? Because this is how I chose to be, rather than bow to their demands I’m going to let you all do it. Your gonna do it, your doing it now. Low recovery fees- free this and price caps on that, now your gonna let unknown, unchecked locksmiths on your lot? I think so, why do I think so? Because you bow to the demands of your clients. Why? You don’t want to lose the business that supports you and your employees, so what going to happen? You will cut back, sure you will, how? By turning off the lights more often? I know the reason for the stipulations the clients have placed on us, now you, remember I’m semiretired, the reason is they grew tired of some people gauging them for services, most of us did not do that but the actions of a few effect the many.
    I would like to see the big trade associations step up and in stead of ‘keeping us [you, the members] informed’ do something about it instead of giving you ways to deal with it.
    Don’t tell the members what to look for when the ‘required’ locksmith shows up to make keys, tell their members that they are ‘working for you’. They have the numbers [you as members] so tell them to help YOU. How many members does AFA, TFA, CALR and FLACARS have? If all their members are on the same page the associations should require the members to charge fair prices for their services and say NO to the unfair demands of the clients, be it financial institutions or forwarders. Period.
    Ask your self, ‘what has my association done for me?’
    Now let me state that many associations have accomplished great things, some things would/could not have gotten done without them.

  2. They attempted to force our agency to do this and we told them NO !!!!

    Our garage keepers insurance liability policy does not need to be placed at risk. We have not lost a single client or case file as a result

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