Santander and CA Repo Co. Named in Lawsuit

Madison County, IL – March 8, 2012 – Claiming Santander contractors of American Recovery Services of El Dorado Hills, CA pounded on his door and publicized his financial difficulties, Plaintiff Luther Calvert filed suit against Santander in August of 2011 and has since included this California based company.

Plaintiff Luther Calvert initially claimed in his lawsuit that Santander violated the law when it repossessed his vehicle after he made a late payment has since included American Recovery Services as a party in the action.

Madison County Circuit Judge Ann Callis has set a plaintiff’s motion to strike for March 30.

Plaintiff Luther Calvert sued Santander Consumer USA last August, claiming Santander pounded on doors in his apartment building, disturbing the peace and publicizing his financial difficulties.

Santander has denied Calvert’s allegations and is claiming that American Recovery Service, Inc. is responsible for any claimed damages Calvert may have incurred. Santander has since indicated it has filed a third party complaint against the California based company.

Calvert is seeking a judgment of more than $70,000 and punitive damages of more than $50,000, plus attorney’s fees and other relief the court deems just.

Madison County Circuit Judge Ann Callis has set a plaintiff’s motion to strike for March 30. Calvert is represented by Attorney Robert E. Ryan and Santander by David J. Frankel and Kathleen M. Haggerty of Sorman & Frankel in Chicago.

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4 thoughts on “Santander and CA Repo Co. Named in Lawsuit

  1. And you can believe that the agent who accepted this assignment will be named in a suit too! I wonder if the amount he got paid will even cover a phone call to his attorney. Maybe his attorney will work contingent. Working for free just got a little more expensive. Anyone need an expert witness If Santander thinks that they are not responsible, Santanders greatly deluded. They dictate the fees to the forwarder, who has to find someone to work the account under those conditions. Well, you got what you paid for this time.

  2. We are constantly asked by unknowing clients to beat on the door in the middle of the night or talk to all the neighbors and find out where that car is. Wonder if Santander did the same? Typical that they are now filing a counter suit against America Recovery Services, their forwarder (not connected with American Recovery Association). Watch your back out there and don’t give in to a clients excessive demands. You’ll be the one left hung out to dry all alone.

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