Santander Demands CARS Certification – The Contingent Fee Contradiction


We’ve been getting a lot of laughs lately, as well as some copies of cancellation letters being sent to lenders and forwarders over their ludicrous demands. If you work for Santander/Chrysler you should have already received their latest demand for CARS Certification. While we strongly support the CARS program created by the respected industry veterans, Joe Taylor and Stamatis Ferrolis and RISC, we find the Santander/Chryslers demands almost laughable considering they demand their agents partake in the obviously dangerous practice of contingent assignments.

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1 thought on “Santander Demands CARS Certification – The Contingent Fee Contradiction

  1. I would suggest that Santander get involved with the National Auto Finance “Recovery Compliance Standardization Task Force”. Members include John Messiha and John Lewis. I wrote an article about it in the last issue of Professional Repossessor Magazine.

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