SC Repo Man Pelted with Bricks and Rocks

shattered_glassLaurens, SC – September 24, 2013 – During a repossession, a Repo Man and his driver were reportedly pelted with bricks, rocks and an unknown fluid as they drove away and were soon being chased down and the towed vehicle rammed by a Father and his two belligerent sons.

A Laurens County Deputy Sheriff was dispatched to a Westerns Laurens County location in the Ware Shoals area where a Repo Man reported that he and another man had hooked up a Chevy Blazer on a repossession order when a man and his two sons came out of their house yelling and cursing them. As he drove off in the wrecker, they reportedly rained a barrage of rocks, bricks and some sort of liquid at the wrecker.

Reportedly, the man and his sons then chased them down in a burgundy Buick, attempting to run them off the road and at one time ramming the Blazer being towed.

The Deputy went to the residence of the man and his sons to question them and while speaking with the man, his sons reportedly came out and became belligerent. He placed the man in detention in the patrol car and attempted to deal with the sons. At one point, the man’s wife indicated he was having chest pains and having trouble breathing. EMS was called to see to him. During this time, one of the sons ran away.

The deputy was to see a magistrate today regarding possible charges of vandalism to the wrecker. In checking the Buick that had allegedly been chasing after the wrecker and ramming repossessed Blazer. The deputy noted it already had a good many dents, and it was hard to tell if any were new from last night’s incident.

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