Shots Fired as Repo Man is confronted by Angry Debtor

handcuffs1Rock Hill, SC – January, 24, 2013 – After some angry threats, a South Carolina Repo Man had to dodge a shotgun round before the shooter left the scene.

Dennis James Montgomery, 40 allegedly ran outside his home with a shotgun when the unnamed 39 year-old Repo Man attempted to hook his tow truck to Montgomery’s 2008 Dodge truck. Montgomery allegedly ordered the Repo Man off his property before insisting that he was not going to take his truck.

Reportedly Montgomery warned the Repo Man that he would kill him if he didn’t leave. This was when Montgomery allegedly fired the gun at the ground behind the two truck.

Montgomery then climbed into his truck and backed it up into the tow boom, leaving it with scuff marks before driving the truck away from the house. A witness reported to Police that he saw Montgomery standing outside with the shotgun and heard him make the threats moments before hearing the gunshot

Montgomery’s wife told deputies that she saw her husband with the gun, but claims that she didn’t hear it go off. Deputies identified an impact area where the gun had been fired.

Montgomery was arrested a week after the incident by the Chesterfield County Sheriffs Department was charged with pointing and presenting a firearm, unsafe discharge of a firearm and two counts of possession of hydrocodone before being released on a $5,000 bond.

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