Two Repo Men Arrested After Alleged Assault and Chase

Alexander City, AL – 3 August 2017 – An attempt to repossess an automobile led to a fight and a police chase with the two individuals from the repo-vehicle being arrested.

“We got a call of individuals fighting in the Five Points area,” Alexander City Police Captain Mario Hodge said. “As we were responding, they left the scene with one vehicle chasing the other.”

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Man Learns the Hard Way, Assault Rifles and Meth Don’t Mix with Repo’s

aslt_rfl1Blanchard, OK – 13 October 2016 – When a wrecker company tried to repossess a vehicle in Blanchard, the owner pulled a gun.

James Dalke allegedly told wrecker driver, Nicholas Allred, that he was not taking his black SUV. Allred said that Dalke got in his face acting very hostile. Dalke said he would do whatever he had to do in order to keep the wrecker driver away from the vehicle and said ‘you try to take the car and I’ll kill you’, according to an affidavit.

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Meth Heads Indicted for Child Endangerment after Armed Encounter with Repo Man

jail_hndcuffsBrown County, TX – June 9, 2016 – A Brown County grand jury indicted three people who were arrested last December after a convicted felon pulled a gun on a Repo Man. While responding to the crime, deputies found an underground meth lab with a child in the vicinity.

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