Rebuttal: Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems Response to Punishment over Reporting Breaches Editorial



Before I reply, I want to first thank you for the fine job you do. I find your site to be informative and insightful providing needed information on our industry and a platform for sharing opinions and observations.

Your article on Consolidated Asset recovery Systems is accurate but may leave some questions unanswered. I will address those later in this reply.

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Forwarder Threatens Agencies with Punishment over Reporting Breaches


In a memo distributed on October 20th, Consolidated Asset Recovery Systems has announced their need to enforce punitive actions against agents for failure to report repossessions within the established service level agreement (SLA) timeframes. These punishments include, compliance holds, suspensions and repossession fee forfeitures.

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CFPB Faults Forwarders for Wrongful Repossessions

Washington, DC – 12 September 2017 – In a report published September 12th by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), titled the “Supervisory Highlights, Issue 16, Summer 2017”, the CFPB released their findings from examinations of “servicers” overseeing repossession agents and how repossessions are conducted. Through that work, they identified unfair practices relating to repossessions that had been causing wrongful repossessions of borrowers who had already brought their accounts to current statues.

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Enough is Enough


What is going on in the repossession industry?  For years we have been pushed around, dictated to, coerced by false information, and downright bullied.  But Enough is Enough!

The Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP) can no longer stand back and discuss the issues.  We have to get out front and disseminate all the information we can to you, the hardworking, professional recovery agents and owners, with a belief that you can make informed decisions.

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Man (or Woman) in the Mirror


Guest Editorial

Manassas, VA – 22 July 2013 – One of my favorite songs from the 1980’s is Michael Jackson’s Man in the Mirror.  This was an anthem of sorts for self-help where the lyrics called upon people everywhere to take a hard look at themselves and the world and make a change.

That is exactly what this industry needs to do.  For years there have been calls for unity, but unity will never come to fruition when you yourself are conflicted or are unable or unwilling to stand up for yourself.  The industry is grasping desperately for anything that promises change, yet when push comes to shove very few are willing to do what needs to be done themselves.

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The 2012 CUCollector Repossession Industry Survey Results

The Results are in!

In our second annual survey, even more of you spoke up, and what we found was sometimes similar to last year, but still often surprising. This is the first part of several releases of the survey, which covers topics such as Company Trends, Contingency Assignments, Associations, ALPR, Forwarding and Violence in the industry.

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