Let’s Build a Bridge

GG_BRDG1Guest Editorial

As a skip-tracer I have worked for banks, recovery agents, bail agents and everything in between. The single common thread is that they all have in common is they need to find that elusive human being. Commonly during my career I would find that both the bondsman and the recovery agent were looking for the same person, and once they joined forces, networked together and shared information, they were successful dare I say even unstoppable!

Can you imagine the level of information and technology that could be shared between the great men and women of each of these industries if my hypothetical bridge were to become a reality?

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New Full-featured Mobile Application Enables Repossession Companies to Manage Assignments in the Field


– Repo Ninja™ mobile application released by developers of Re-Pros and iRepo software suites, includes valuable tools to help recovery companies manage and document assignments –

PHOENIX, AZ (April 23, 2013) – MBSi Capital, the developers of the Re-Pros and iRepo repossession software suites, has developed the repossession industry’s first full-featured mobile application that will enable repossession companies to manage and update assignments remotely in real time. Available for Android and iOS, the Repo Ninja™ mobile application gives recovery agents full-time, instant access to all of their assignment-related activity from their smartphone or tablet.

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