LPR Helping Law Enforcement

Hammond, IN – 8 December 2017 – Cameras mounted at 33 points around Hammond to read license plates are doing much more than finding traffic violators — they’re snaring real suspects, police officials say.

“We have 211 officers, but now it’s almost like we have a couple of thousand officers, and they’re sitting on poles, and they’re saying, ‘Hey, check that one out,'” department spokesman Lt. Steve Kellogg said with a chuckle.

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Sheriff Questions Repo Company over Name and Actions

WI_SHRFFMadison, WI – Dane County’s sheriff is raising concerns about a company he said may be confused with sworn deputies. Sheriff Dave Mahoney said he was notified by Madison police of an incident on Aug. 25 off Fordem Avenue in Madison, where a mother reported a man approaching two 12-year-olds near an apartment building, asking how to get into the basements.

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