$11 Gadget Can Relay Hack a Car


For years, automakers and hackers have known about a clever attack that spoofs the signal from a wireless car key fob to open a vehicle’s doors, and even drive it away. But even after repeated demonstrations—and real thefts—the technique still works on a number of models. Now a team of Chinese researchers has not only demonstrated the attack again but also made it cheaper and easier than ever.

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Requiring Lender’s Locksmiths Lot Access – Another Encroachment and Contradiction


So, you have a fence around your storage yard, perhaps some barbed wire on top and cameras recording everything going on. Why? Security of course. As an agency owner, it is crucial that you secure your business and the recovered collateral. So, why would you give a person you don’t know access to your yard and the vehicles stored on it?

Well, that’s the newest infringement on repossession agencies that is occurring now.

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Enough is Enough


What is going on in the repossession industry?  For years we have been pushed around, dictated to, coerced by false information, and downright bullied.  But Enough is Enough!

The Council of Repossession Professionals (CORP) can no longer stand back and discuss the issues.  We have to get out front and disseminate all the information we can to you, the hardworking, professional recovery agents and owners, with a belief that you can make informed decisions.

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Recovery Database Network Enhances Partnership with Leading Key Code Provider


 Introducing locksmith services and expanding access to key code requests


For Immediate Release

Redwood City, Calif—Building on a successful partnership that streamlines the vehicle recovery process, Recovery Database Network (RDN) today introduced locksmith/key services from KeyCode Pro, a leading provider of key codes and other automotive lock solutions.

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AFA, RSIG and TFA Joint Training Conference


Press Release:

In an unprecedented show of unity in the repossession industry, Allied Finance Adjusters, Recovery Specialist Insurance Group and Time Finance Adjusters have agreed to come together to offer training to their members as well as non-members throughout the industry at a unified event.

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