TexasARP Joins the List of 2017 Credit Union Repossession and Remarketing Summit Sponsors

November 8 – November 10, 2017

Riverton Country Club

Cinnaminson, New Jersey



18 October 2017 – TexasARP has just joined the long list of sponsors to The Credit Union Repossession and Remarketing Summit 2017. The outpouring of support from the repossession and remarketing industry that support the credit union collections world has been nothing short of tremendous according to event chair, Jerry Farese.

The Credit Union Repossession and Remarketing Summit 2017 will be the premier credit union educational event of the year. Industry leaders will be speaking on the topics that are of extremely high importance to the Credit Union collections industry.

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RISC Promo Offer to TexasARP Members


9/27/17 – For the next 60 days (9/26/2017 to 11/25/2017) As a TexasARP member you will receive…  

One year of RISC Associate membership valued at $595.00.   RISC Associate membership provides a 15% discount along with access to the entire suite of RISC compliance, training, and business docs at no additional charge. If you are Texas based and purchased RISC CAN or an Associate membership within the last 60 days (7/26/2017 to 9/25/2017) and if you join TexasARP you will receive a credit for one CARS program valued at $300.00. 

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Getting Back to the Point – The Heart of the Santander CARS Mandate Editorial


Our initial editorial titled “Santander Demands CARS Certification – The Contingent Fee Contradiction” we addressed the issue of Santander/Chrysler demanding that all of their approximate 700 agencies be CARS Certified. Despite our extreme efforts to distance any blame on RISC, CARS or Joe Taylor, Stamatis Ferrolis or Mark Lacek, all of their editorial responses focused solely upon their defense. It seems like either they all miss the point or perhaps they agree with us and just can’t say it?

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TexasARP Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief Funds Update!

To all victims of the Hurricanes this year our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your families!



9/14/2017 – We would like to take this time to thank all of you who have donated!  A very special thank you to the California Association of Licensed Repossessors (CALR) and its members for their support! CALR has sent E-Blast to their members many times since the campaign started! Thank You!  Thank You! Thank You!

TexasARP started the Hurricane Harvey Repossessors Relief fund 5 days after Harvey made landfall. As of Sept 14th we have raised over $12,000.00! 100% of these funds will go to the recovery agencies and their employees that were affected by the hurricane.

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TexasARP Announces it’s Own State Repossessor Association

For Immediate Release

September 5th 2017 – Stephanie Findley of I.R. Services, Sugar Land TX, has started the first Texas State Association “Texas Accredited Repossession Professionals” (TexasARP).

The goal of the association is to educate the Texas repossession agency owners and employees on the laws of the state and the policies in place for each county, provide towing and safety training to its members and to work with and educate clients and law enforcement. In time as the association grows Stephanie plans to work with the Texas TDLR.

TX Repossessors Hurricane Relief Fund

The first act of business coming from TexasARP is to help the repossessors and their employees that have been affected by “Hurricane Harvey”.

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