Double Assignments = Deadly Assignments


For whatever reasons, the practice of double assigning repossessions keeps rearing its ugly head. The causes range from; a collector receiving a new address in another area or the collector or vendor management staff feel that the assigned agency isn’t working the account or just good old fashioned brain cramps causing the collector to forget to close the assignment. Any way you look at it, it’s a bad practice and a deadly one.

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Heartless Title Loan Company Repossesses 2 Year Olds Wheelchair and Van

maliyaVan taken by title loan company in KCMO contained special wheelchair for a paraplegic 2 year old special needs child and hasn’t been returned yet!

Kansas City, MO – January 6, 2016 – While a deal is a deal, sometimes the terms of a deal are unreasonable and untenable to those under pressure. I lay no judgement on those who conducted the repossession, the Lender is the one who is responsible. And under the circumstances of this situation, any reasonable person would know to do the right thing.   Kevin

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