Three Trade Organizations…One AMAZING Joint Training Conference!

afa_rsig_tfaGolden Nugget – Las Vegas, NV – September 30th, 2013 –The AFA RSIG TFA Joint Training Conference initial expectations were for approximately 75 total attendees, then 100…115…150…finally approximately 225 packed the various training and education sessions. Overflow crowds took part in all of the education classes. CFPB training was conducted by the knowledgeable and always entertaining Michael Howk of RSIG. One hundred eighty three certificates of completion were issued. Michelle Stuart’s skiptracing presentation is always a crowd pleaser and this was no exception. An informative client panel engaged the audience with their compliance ideas and an insightful Q&A. LKC Services supplied hands on training for programming keys and included some very nice give aways.

It really was an unprecedented show of unity…and in reality it was more than just Allied, RSIG and TFA coming together as we had a large turnout of independent repossessors as well. All three of the participating groups saw an influx of applications and interest in joining their membership which is a true testament to the quality of the conference. All involved are excited about the increased interest.

This conference was truly amazing in so many ways…not only the training but also the great food & beverage, networking opportunities with 13 lenders and agents from virtually every state in the union. It wasn’t all work though as this group did manage to find a little time for fun as well. Wednesday night they enjoyed the exclusive use of the famous Gold Diggers Night Club  (which was filled to capacity), Thursday night a large group went out to see a classic Las Vegas comedy show and each night there was a large social gathering packed in the Chairman’s Suite.

Looking towards the future, this joint gathering may just spark even more momentum for future events. Unity was a huge topic of conversation at the Joint Training Conference and the hope is that this will be remembered as just the first time these three groups came together for training. Stay tuned…

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1 thought on “Three Trade Organizations…One AMAZING Joint Training Conference!

  1. It seems funny to me that this article mentions unity when it was scheduled to be on the same dates as the ARA annual convention which I assume was meant to exclude all of ARA and NFA and that, from what I heard, AFA has pulled their support of the traditional unity meeting of all repossesors, NARS. I have been pushing for unity for a long time but unity would include all reputable repossesors. ARA and NFA were able to unite. It would be nice if AFA would work toward a similar goal. There still seems to be too much personality and self interest conflicts. That needs to be put aside if we all want to win.

    I don’t like to be just negative, so on a positive note, it looks like now we are down to 2 major splits. ARA (NFA) and AFA, RSIG, TFA. That’s much. much better that the earlier 5 way split. So we are doing something right! Let’s keep pushing for a full unity.

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