TN Repo Man Facing Assault Charges


Murfreesboro, TN – May 23, 2012 – A Tennessee Repo man” is facing three counts of assault after allegedly assaulting a man and a woman in a repossession gone horribly wrong on Sunday.

31 year old Archie Bobby Victory of Murfreesboro arrived at a borrowers home to repossess two vehicles “without a writ,” according to police Sgt. Bobby Peacock.

The borrower reportedly objected to the repossession and told Victory “he wasn’t taking the vehicles.” Peacock said.

According to the report, an unnamed man working with Victory reportedly drove a vehicle over the borrowers foot. The report claims that the woman was also “forced into the driver’s side quarter panel” of his vehicle, leaving a “huge dent,” according to the report.

The borrower was eventually taken to Heritage Medical Center for x-rays to his foot and ankle, according to police.

At the time of the incident the woman who owned one of the cars in being repossessed was reportedly “knocked down on the ground” by the unnamed assailant and the borrower’s daughter was “grabbed by the wrist” by Victory.

A tow driver, who had towed one of the vehicles to a convenience store several blocks away, was told by police to bring it back to the borrowers residence.

According to police, Victory posted a $1,500 bond at the Bedford County Jail.

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  1. Not familiar with TN law but in Texas the repossession agent would not have a writ, only the Sheriff’s Office would serve those.

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