TN Repo Regulation Law up for Vote This Week

Memphis, TN – March 19,2012 – The tearful testimony of the sister of a man killed during a repo attempt last year and the expert testimony of repo industry veteran Ray Crocker  have apparently been convincing enough that the proposed Tennessee Repo Regulations bill is expected to go to vote this week.

With this bill, Tennessee will become one of the few states to require licensing and screening of all repossessors.

The House Commerce Sub-committee heard tearful testimony from the sister of a Michael Brown 48, who died in Overton County last year when he drove away from repo men trying to repossess his 13 year old truck.

“My brother was guilty of being behind on a bill, and he lost life for it,” Debbie Martin said.  Read the Bill Here!

Tennessee Highway Patrol reported that the Repo Men purposefully pulled their tow truck in front of him causing Brown to crash.

“They pulled into his lane when he was going down the road to block him and my brother is dead because of it,” Martin said.

Debbie Martin urged the Committee to support a bill that would force repo drivers to get licensed.

Repo veteran Ray Crocker testified in support of the bill.

Crocker told the Committee that the Repossession Industry is misunderstood.

Crocker laid some blame to the so called reality TV shows, full of fighting and violence, for bringing fly by night companies into the repo business.

“Of the professionals in the industry there’s probably 600 nationwide that know the laws,” Crocker said.

House Bill 2276, which would regulate the repo industry, was attached to a second bill which is scheduled to be voted on this week by the full Commerce Committee.

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2 thoughts on “TN Repo Regulation Law up for Vote This Week

  1. Repossession costs will rise again in Tenn. $825 for a two year agency license, $75 per year for each recovery agent, $42.00 for a background check of each agent AND $10 FOR EACH AND EVERY REPO REPORTED. This will also fund 2 investigators (who will be paid $15,000 per year salary each – not your top of the line investigator) who will investigate and enforce the statutes. And who will they investigate? The people who pay for there agency licenses – to make sure they are following all the state’s rules and paying all their fees. What about unlicensed “tow jockeys?” Ask the people in California and Florida. They don’t investigate the people they don’t have records on!

    So is all this going to protect the public good and only allow professionals in the industry? No, but it is going to increase State revenue and raise the cost of doing business in Tenn.

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