Truck Repossessed with Baby Inside

ez_drive_autoGilmer, TX – May 9, 2013 – A repossessor from East Texas made a quick repo from a borrowers home Saturday night only to find a baby inside.

The family claims that it was getting ready to go to the grocery store Saturday night when the husband claims that he put the baby in the truck, but forgot his keys and went back in the house. That’s when the perhaps too quick thinking Repo Man sprung into action and towed it away.

“I came outside, put my child in the vehicle, and realized I had forgotten my keys,” reported  the father, who preferred to speak under condition of anonymity. “I went back inside to get my keys and stopped off and used the restroom. When I came back outside, my car was gone.”

The repossession was ordered by a “Buy Here, Pay Here” dealership known as Mark IV EZ Drive who made the order after the borrower had missed several payments. The actual borrower had provided the address for the repossession and After Midnight Towing was sent to repossess it.

According to Larry Stewart, manager of Mark IV EZ Drive, the Repo Men did not see anyone outside of the house.

“I honestly think they forgot the baby was in the car,” Stewart said.

According to Police, officers met the tow truck at the tow yard and found the baby in the back seat, asleep and unharmed.

“All your repo agents, if they can snatch it and go, they’re going to snatch it and go,” Stewart said. “Then there aren’t any problems there.”

The father says it was a simple mistake.

“I wasn’t off doing anything stupid,” he said. “I didn’t leave my child in the parking lot of a grocery store. It wasn’t 90 degrees outside. It was in the evening. I was just running inside my house and running out.”

Gilmer Police report that they are not pressing charges against the family, stating the baby was not in the car long enough to cause any injury.

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5 thoughts on “Truck Repossessed with Baby Inside

  1. I also got in a car with code key when I saw unit at a poss add. No activity. GOt in car, got it started and when i looked in rear view mirror I say some kids. There were 3 of them. 2-4 and about a 10 month old covered in a carseat with a blanket. I said Hi kids. Got out and waited..20 min later man and woman came out and left. went to convenience store and left the kids again. I followed and when they took the groceries and kids inside. Took unit with code key. I reported to the police that I had recovered the unit for the lienholder and that the kids were left inside 2X.–.

  2. I have had this happen to me .. but the girl com out off the store and ask me if she can have her baby back .. i look in the car and said ok ….. lol sume people are not right lol

  3. A repossessors worst nightmare! I can see stopping down the street and check the vin, strap it quick and get on down the road to the lot, I hope they left the diaper bag in the truck, that driver may have needed to borrow one!

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