When Does and Independent Contractor Become an Employee?

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There is a strange phenomenon occurring in the asset recovery industry consisting of deep client involvement in the repossession process related to the control and intrusion in the actual act of the repossession.

For some reason the clients seem to be more involved with controlling the actions of the agent in the field for example the “NO CONTACT” with consumers or third parties dictates. What world do these people live in? Apparently, they have never worked an actual field assignment or they would understand that their absurd directive is an impossible demand.

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2 thoughts on “When Does and Independent Contractor Become an Employee?

  1. This was the best article I have read in quite some time. I too have printed this for safe keeping. The minute the client started to dictate when/where and how…..you are EMPLOYEE STATUS according to the Department of Labor handbook. It is written in black and white all across their website and in every handbook they have.

  2. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! Mr. Brown, that is by farth the most educating, time worthy, on point and honest article I have read in years when it comes to the “protection and rights of recovery agents nationwide!!!” Thank you for taking the time to share!! This article is a keeper that will be printed and kept on file! Very seldom do we come across articles trying to assist the agents any longer and I want you to know how much it means that you took your time to do this!! You are awesome! I hope you don’t mind but I have shared this for other agents to read as well. I don’t often share articles but this one was well worth sharing and reminds us all that there are good guys still out there and standing up for the agents!!! THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! AMAZING!!!

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