Woman Faces Charges for Shoving Repo Man and Resisting Arrest

police_ltsLacey, NJ – September 13, 2013 – A dispute between a Forked River woman and a Repo Man attempting to repossess her car developed into the woman’s arrest, according to police.

41 year old Pamela Patterson, was arrested on August 28th after police responded to a call on the 1700 block of Lakeside Drive South involving a dispute between Patterson and a Repo Man attempting the repossession of her, according to a police statement.

Officer Robert Flynn met with both parties and observed the vehicle already hooked up with the tow truck operator having taken possession of the vehicle, the statement said.

While he investigating the incident, police say, Patterson attempted to get the car keys back from the tow truck driver who was repossessing the vehicle. When she could not get the keys, she began to shove the tow truck driver in the presence of Flynn. After “several warnings,” the statement said, Flynn intervened and informed Patterson she was under arrest, at which point Patterson resisted arrest and continued in her attempt to assault the tow truck driver.

Patterson was ultimately taken into custody and brought to Lacey Township police headquarters where she was charged with resisting arrest, obstructing the administration of law, and harassment (pushing and shoving the tow truck driver).

She was processed and later released upon receiving criminal summonses, police said.

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