Woman Threatens and Assaults off Duty Repo Man in Store

shpping_crtLaurens, SC – February 15, 2013 – While just minding his own business and off duty, an unidentified Repo Man was confronted by an angry borrower over the repossession of her vehicle.

Laurens Police were called to a store on Hillcrest Drive at 4:23 on Friday afternoon to respond to a reported assault. Apparently, a Repo Man was inside the store when an angry woman entered and confronted the man about repossessing her car.

During the argument that ensued and continued into the parking lot, the woman allegedly threatened to shoot the man while he was getting into his truck and beat on the front of the victims’ truck.

A responding officer did not see any damage to the truck and both parties were advised to stay away from each other. The woman was to pending to be issued a “no trespass notice” to stay out of that store.

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6 thoughts on “Woman Threatens and Assaults off Duty Repo Man in Store

  1. I have has debtors call for months after to threaten my staff and I over the recovery of the banks unit. I hold meetings with my staff a lot to explain that people under pressure can snap on you at anytime so show compassion and be professional while executing a repossession. – ATF nj

  2. Unfortunately, the business we are in creates, for a lot a people, what psychologists call “SEE”, which stands for Significant Emotional Experience. That is why it is so important to be sure that your actions are unemotional and nothing but professional. That same “SEE” is also why, just like law enforcement, we have to realize that you are never off duty. Walk with your eyes open and be aware because we are subject to as Ron Brown would say, “the most dangerous animal on earth”, MAN.

  3. Downfall of this job……When people recognize me, they usually tell me there painful story of redeeming the unit. Good thing this guy didn’t have his children with him!!!

  4. It goes with the territory… after 35 years and over 36,000 recovered vehicles I may be sitting in a resturant or shopping in a store or just driving down the road and I look over and see what appears to be a familiar face and the first thing that comes to my mind is, “Did I recover that persons vehicle?”, you make eye contact, slightly smile and move on. Sound famliar?

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