Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are!

man_in_laptpGuest Editorial

As children we all played the game of Hide and Seek. One child would close their eyes, count to fifty, and say the words, “Come out come out wherever you are!”, and the hunt would begin.  It seems as adults we are still playing this childhood game when it comes to marketing and branding ourselves and our companies. Why are you hiding?!  Clients need a direct and clear path in order to find you, and to know who and what you are, and what separates you from all the rest!

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Compliance is Not a Revenue Opportunity

mbsi.2Guest Editorial

Compliance is an interesting phenomenon in the industry today!  I call it a “phenomenon” because that word means “Wonder”, “Marvel”, or “Spectacle”, and that’s exactly how I see compliance.

Compliance is this sort of unknown quantity, and everyone involved with it interprets it in a different way.  One lender’s compliance is another lender’s non-compliance.  Some vendors treat it with great respect, and others treat it like a scene from an old TV police drama, with a “Move along folks!  Nothing to see here!” attitude. The number of interpretations of compliance is as numerous as the companies claiming to have all of the compliance answers.

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Secure Collateral Management Offers EXPANDED Positive Resolution Fee Program

secured_coll_mngtSecure Collateral Management (SCM) notified its network of Recovery Agents of its new expanded Positive Resolution Fee Program (PRF) based on feedback they received from Recovery Agents across the Nation.

Beginning immediately, Secure Collateral Management will pay the Recovery Agent $60.00 for their efforts that result in any of the following positive account resolutions:

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The Three Types of Tracing

3_fingersGuest Editorial

In past post we have covered “The Three Types of Tracers”, and “The Three Types of Skips”.  Now we have to complete the circle and cover the “The Three Types of Tracing”.

So you ask why all these Threes?  The number three is generally attributed with a meaning of completeness:  A beginning, middle, an end.  Birth, life, death.  Past, present, future.  Sun, Moon, Earth.

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Primeritus Financial Services Rebrands Business Segments

Primeritus_logoPRESS RELEASE

Nashville, TN – Monday, May 17, 2013 – After a year of multiple acquisitions, Primeritus Financial Services, a leader in recovery management, skip tracing and remarketing services, announces the rebranding of several of their business service segments.

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VTS-logo-Large5Press Release

TUCSON, AZ – Vendor Transparency Solutions, LLC., an Arizona based compliance management company, has announced the addition of their newly released Complaint Handling Module that will be an addition to the industry leading VTS Compliance Monitoring Platform. The industry specific Complaint Handling Module enables lending institutions and service providers to log, track, monitor and address all consumer complaints with report capabilities.  Auto Lenders will have the ability to log a service provider complaint by a consumer and assign the complaint to their contracted service provider.

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